MSA G1 SCBA contol module

Advanced Control Module

The G1 Control Module has both analog and color digital LCD displays, making certain that your status is available at
all times. Control display in control module features instant-on, large numbers, and strong contrast making it easy to read, even without glasses. Adding yet another layer to ease-of-use: no matter which button is pressed, your information displays.

Highly configurable and customizable

The MSA G1 SCBA’s user selectable configurations are an industry first. Also, the control module and HUD can be programmed to display information required by your particular specification:

  • pressure
  • time remaining calculation
  • breathing time
  • temperature (the ability to set your own temperature alarm)
  • pressure drop (to alert you to leaks, either primary or secondary)

The location of control module is also user adjustable – you can wear it on left or right shoulder strap. But best of all, all this can be adjusted to the way YOU want.

Learn more about control module.

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