MSA Releases New Technology: LUNAR

MSA continues to innovate, releasing breakthrough technology that helps keep firefighters safe.  In April they announced the latest addition to a suite of MSA products.

The Future of Firefighting is About to Change with LUNAR

MSA Unveils Technology to Help Make Firefighting Safer at the Annual Fire Department Instructor’s Conference in Indianapolis

PITTSBURGH, April 11, 2019 – Given the unpredictable and hazardous nature of firefighting, where seconds could mean the difference between life and death, there’s nothing more important for firefighters than being connected as a team.  That’s why MSA Safety Incorporated (NYSE: MSA), a the global leader in firefighter safety, today announced a breakthrough innovation to help make firefighting a safer profession.

According to Nish Vartanian, MSA President and CEO, the introduction of LUNAR – and the potential it represents – delivers on the vision of having it’s G1 SCBA serve as a flexible platform for the future.

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