GORE® Particulate Hood Ultra C6

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The GORE® Particulate Hood provides excellent particulate-blocking throughout the entire hood — not just in selected areas.

Available in two knit options — Ultra C6 (black) and Nomex® blend (white), the patent-pending design of the GORE® Particulate Hood delivers a more comfortable, natural feel like you are accustomed to when you wear a traditional hood.

As with all products from Gore, the GORE® Particulate Hood has best-in-class durability. It retained its level of particulate-blocking performance after 100 wash cycles at a verified ISP.

The GORE® Particulate Hood combines Gore’s industry-leading expertise in barrier technology with the skill of one of the most respected hood manufacturers, Majestic Fire Apparel.

Ultra C6 Material
When exposed to flame, C6 fibers expand, creating an Oxygen starved environment so fire cannot continue.

  • Material is self extinguishing
  • Inherently flame resistant
  • No harsh chemical treatments
  • Odor neutralizing
  • Anti-Static
  • Low Heat Conductivity
  • Maintains performance values after laundering

Excellent protection from the particulate-blocking layer that is present throughout the entire hood.

Offers a more traditional hood wearing experience with the benefits of particulate protection1.
1 proposed for NFPA 1971-2018 edition

ONE SIZE FITS all convenience

Excellent breathability2
2 based on single layer Ret testing of particulate-blocking layer

Exceptional durability Continues to block 99.9% of particles in the 0.1 to 1.0 micron range after 100 washes; exceeds strength requirements in the current NFPA 1971 standard

The GORE® Particulate Hood combines the expertise of the industry leader in barrier technology with the skill of one of the most respected hood manufacturers



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