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This PPV / PPA Battery Blower has been designed to be a fantastic addition to any fire department. The ergonomic design and a leading-edge battery motor make the VS-1 Battery Blower the perfect choice. At only 52 lbs. it leads the industry in mobility. With an AMCA airflow rating of 10,887 cfm., the VS-1 delivers a level of utility and performance not found in any other battery-driven fan/blower.




  • 70 Minute operating time at full speed
  • Removable lithium-ion battery rated IP65 & quick charges in 4 Hours
  • Lightweight design, welded tubular aluminum frame. Only 52lbs. w/battery
  • AMCA Certified Air Flow 10,887 cfm
  • Variable Speed motor rated at IP65
  • Thin-Vane air straightener grill and composite impeller
  • LED flow-path lighting positioned low for visibility below the smoke
  • Tapered lightweight steel shroud maximizes airflow performance
  • Ergonomic patent pending frame design with transverse wheels
  • Small Footprint 22.88″W x 26″H x 11″D (Half the Size of a gas blower)
  • Dynamic Battery Control System that protects the battery during charge/discharge as well as monitors all cells for optimum performance and diagnostics