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The Importance of Paint Booth Inspection

The Importance of Paint Booth Inspection

The most common problems likely to face a spray booth include over-spraying, dripping, spilling or the unwanted accumulation of paints. Luckily, these issues can be managed and even prevented through regular paint booth inspections. To keep your paint booth as safe as possible, there are some things you should do regularly to maintain your booth and the safety of those who work in it.

Remove Paint Accumulation

When paint accumulates in the booth, it can be difficult to remove. To prevent this from happening, you will want to apply a protective booth coating during each inspection. Inspections also allow you to see the possibility of paint accumulation. You can use the baffle coatings peelable booth coatings and water wash compounds. They all have unique features to help the booth in fighting off paint accumulation, but their common function is to ensure that removal of paint accumulation on the booth is done easily.

Exhaust Stacks

If Fremont 59L is used or applied on the stacks, then a hand scraper can be used to easily remove the Exhaust stack over spray of the paint. For easy sludge disposal, the Fremont 59L and Fremont 60 can be applied on the walls of the booth. These two compounds can also be applied on the baffle plates. Exhaust can take a lot of time to inspect, but it is important to ensure that you check everything on them to avoid future issues.

Smooth Production Line Operation

For perfect production line spray painting, the parts to be sprayed are normally taken off or suspended from the hooks. They are then transported through the spray booth in such a way that any over spray will miss the parts will paint the hooks. It would be easy to produce line operation by eliminating the paint from the hooks. A paint stripper additive will always reduce the stripping time.

Tidy up Your Booth!

It is critical that the area inside your booth, and the area surrounding your paint booth is as clean as possible. It needs to be free from excessive materials, especially flammable rags and paper products. It’s a good idea to have at least a 3′ perimeter around the booth in all directions that is clean and maintained.

Continued Operation without Downtime

Through maintenance tasks like booth floor stripping, skimming and tank cleaning, the parts of the booth will be made efficient and functioning at a quick speed. Stripping of the booth floors needs to be done using an ideal stripper that would react with the over spray paint for its easy removal. The stripper should be able to retain its functionality so that it can be used in the next maintenance session or stripping session. The nozzles should remain unclogged. To check for any sludge accumulation, remove the cap on the main header, and you will see everything. The solution that is contained in the reservoir tank should be of right chemical composition to avoid sludge from circulating in the whole system.

Contact the experienced team at Fire & Safety Equipment Company for helpful tips and information or a monthly inspection and an annual test of all paint booth systems.

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