FEMA FY22 Assistance to firefighters

Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program FY 2022 opened on Monday, January 9, and will close on Friday, February 10. If you’re submitting a grant for PPE, here’s what you need to know:

General Information

  • Available funding will be $324,000,000 with a projected 2,000 grants awarded.
  • Funding limits will remain consistent with the previous year for recipients serving a population of 1 million people or less; funding limits will decrease this year for recipients serving a population of more than 1 million people:
  • FEMA’s online application portal, FEMO GO (Grants Outcomes), is the platform for submitting, approving, and managing FEMA grants: https://go.fema.gov

High Priority Items for FY 2022 Tied to Safety Equipment

  • Under Basic Equipment priorities:
    • NFPA 1801-Compliant Thermal Imaging Cameras
    • Personal Accountability Systems
  • Under SCBA priorities:
    • Replace unusable or unrepairable equipment to current standard, NFPA 1981, 2002 Edition or prior. (These SCBA(s) are out-of-service and not being used by emergency responders).
    • Acquire or replace an individual SCBA facepiece for each operational member of an organization.
    • Increase supply for new hires and/or existing firefighters that do not have one set of SCBA for allocated seated positions.
  • Respiratory list:
    • Air-Line Unit
    • Facepieces
    • Respirators
    • SCBA Spare Cylinders
    • SCBA (SCBA Unit includes: Harness/Backpack, Facepiece, and 2 cylinders)
  • Under PPE priorities:
    • Increase supply for new hire/existing firefighters that do not have one set of turnout gear (PPE) or allocated seated position (SCBA). This includes replacing out-of-service PPE and SCBA.
    • Replace in-service/in-use/damaged/unsafe/unrepairable PPE or SCBA to meet current standard.
    • Replace in-service/in-use/expired/noncompliant PPE or SCBA to current standard.
  • Structural/Proximity PPE list:
    • Boots
    • Coats
    • Complete Set of Turnout Gear
    • Helmets
    • Hoods
    • Pants
    • Suspenders

Personal Accountability System Grant Eligible: MSA LUNAR™ Connected Device

The LUNAR Connected Device is eligible for AFG funding as a personal accountability system. Personal Accountability Safety Systems are part of the Equipment category, and are considered a high funding priority.

LUNAR is a personal accountability device and a simplified safety solution that’s intuitive and easy to use. It’s wireless, cloud ready, equipped with thermal imaging, and supports collaborative search. LUNAR can be used as part of an SCBA application, SCBA + accountability, or as a stand-alone accountability system.

As part of the MSA Connected Firefighter Platform, LUNAR provides the tools to promote accountability in the traditional sense, while expanding to other areas on- and off-scene as well.

Read more about the LUNAR Connected Device as a personal accountability system here.

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