Centaur by Stallion

Experience Unmatched Efficiency with Stallion’s Centaur Line

In the demanding realms of fire safety and emergency services, the efficiency of equipment is crucial. Centaur by Stallion Air Inc. elevates the game, integrating every component of a cylinder refill system into a sleek, compact design without compromising on functionality.


Why Stallion Air?

Since 2004, Stallion Air Inc. has transformed from a service-only provider to a leading air compressor manufacturer, offering top-tier products across North America.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

Upholding quality and innovation at every stage.

Superior Quality Control

Every product undergoes stringent testing, ensuring it is flawless before reaching you.

First-Rate Materials

We use only the best, ensuring durability and longevity.

your all in one cylinder refill system.

compressor, storage, purification, air management, containment fill.

Key Features of Centaur Models

Complete Integration:
Comprises a compressor, air storage vessel(s), purification system, air management panel, and containment fill station, all within one comprehensive package.

Adaptive Design:
Models defined by the capacity of their fill stations and number of storage vessels they can accommodate.

Space Optimization:
The Centaur 2 offers a space-efficient design, ideal for environments with spatial constraints.

Extended Capabilities:
For those seeking more, the Centaur 2-4 and Centaur 3 models provide enhanced functionality, suiting a broader range of professional needs.

Upgrade with Confidence

Is it time to enhance your cylinder refill system? Opt for the unparalleled efficiency and reliability of the Centaur line. Contact Fire & Safety Equipment Company Now to streamline and modernize your operations with Centaur by Stallion Air Inc.

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