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ZOLL Medical is renowned for its innovative approach to emergency response technology, particularly its Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). ZOLL’s AEDs are meticulously crafted for lay rescuers, merging cutting-edge CPR feedback technology with user-friendliness and reliability. This ensures that in critical moments, users have a trusted ally to assist them. Research indicates that with proper training and real-time CPR feedback, cardiac arrest survival rates can more than double, highlighting the importance of these devices in public and professional settings.

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Offers real-time CPR feedback

Displays full-color rescue images

Features RapidShock™ analysis technology

Integrated child mode for pediatric victims

WiFi connectivity option for remote AED status monitoring

Powerheart G5

Equipped with Intellisense™ CPR for real-time feedback on CPR quality

User-paced instructions via RescueCoach® voice and text

Fully automatic shock delivery

Dual-language functionality

AED Plus

Real CPR Help® technology for high-quality CPR feedback

Delivers shock when necessary

At the heart of ZOLL’s AED technology is the unwavering commitment to increasing survival rates in sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) situations. Their products not only provide necessary defibrillation but also ensure that CPR, a vital component of SCA response, is delivered effectively. The real-time feedback, user-friendly interfaces, and comprehensive dashboards present in ZOLL’s products empower rescuers, whether trained professionals or everyday individuals, to act confidently and swiftly. 

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