Medication Dispensing System by VendNovation

In the wake of new regulations in Virginia, Fire & Safety has partnered with VendNovation to offer a comprehensive Medication Dispensing System tailored for Fire and EMS providers. Streamlining operations, ensuring compliance, and reducing costs, this automated solution reshapes how medical supplies, including narcotics, are managed.

VendNovation’s Medication Dispensing System

DEA Compliant

Meets DEA narcotic storage control standards, providing security and compliance assurance.


Proven to save EMS providers over 40% in costs by reducing waste and optimizing medical supply management.

Advanced Access Control

With two-factor authentication, dual validation, and cloud-managed access rules, only authorized personnel can access medical supplies.

Sophisticated Inventory Management

Offers lot number and expiration date management, electronic checklists for managing vehicle inventory, low inventory alerts, and more.

Efficiency Boosters

Automatic replenishment reports and integration with select ERP platforms ensure streamlined operations and minimized manual efforts.

Intuitive Management Software

Using our VN Cloud software along with our hardware offerings, EMS providers of any size will benefit from improved access control, inventory management, and accountability throughout the medical supply lifecycle. Our EMS vending machines, smart lockers, and secure cabinets offer sophisticated inventory features such as lot number and expiration date tracking and easy reordering of medical supplies

EMS Hardware to Consider

Learn what EMS vending machines and additional hardware products are best for your business.

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Are you an EMS provider, part of a fire department, or in facilities management in Virginia? With new DEA regulations, it’s time to rethink how you manage and dispense medication. Fire & Safety Equipment Company, as a distributor of VendNovation’s state-of-the-art Medication Dispensing System for EMS, is here to help. Get in touch with us to revolutionize your medical inventory management and stay compliant.

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