HeartSine samaritan PAD 450P AED Defibrillator Package

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Each AED Package includes:

✔️Spare Adult Electrodes

✔️Ready Kit

✔️ 90/60/30 day notice of expiring supplies

✔️ Device orientation

✔️ Lifetime Support

More than just an AED, the HeartSine samaritan PAD 450P AED machine (SAM 450P) offers integrated CPR Rate Advisor that uses only the electrodes to monitor and uniquely provide visual and verbal feedback on the rate of applied CPR, as well as continuously reminding the rescuer to perform CPR when no CPR is detected. This exclusive technology effectively assists the rescuer to perform CPR – a key link in the chain of survival.


  • CPR Rate Advisor
    • Audible and visual guidance to assist the rescuer in performing CPR at the proper rate
    • Uses the information provided by the electrodes to assess rate
    • Announces if the rescuer needs to push faster, push slower, or “good speed” if the rate is correct
    • CPR rate gauge on the 450P gives real time visual guidance on the rate of compressions
  • Visual and Voice Prompts
    • Easy to understand, Guide rescuer through entire rescue process
  • Pad-Pak – Electrode pad and battery combination
    • Easy maintenance – only one item to replace, 4 year life, Over 6 hours of continuous monitoring or 60 shocks
  • Lightweight and compact
    • 2.4 lbs with Pad-Pak installed
    • 8.0” x 7.25” x 19” – Smallest AED on the US Market
  • SCOPE™ biphasic technology
    • Low energy escalating waveform, Automatically adjusts for differences in patient impedance
  • Durable – IP56 rating
    • Highest level of protection against dust and water, Rugged and durable
  • Complete weekly self-checks
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Data Retrieval
    • Up to 90 minutes of patient rescue data automatically recorded, Download data via USB cable
  • Semi-rigid carry case
  • 8 year warranty


  • Pediatric Pad-Pak electrode pad/battery combination