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MSA NFPA Bourke Kit

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The NFPA-compliant Bourke Eye Shield is:
• Available for MSA Cairns 1010, 1044 and 880 Fire Helmets on the Traditional
Fire Helmet ATO
• NFPA 1971 compliant
• Side wrapping, with improved coverage compared to traditional flat lenses
• Fireground-proven, anti-scratch coated, polyarylate lenses
• Lenses are quickly stowable when not in use; easily deployed when needed
• Sturdy metal hardware with rubber capped screws offers durability under severe
fire conditions
• Works with Defender visor or goggles, if additional eye protection is desired
• Available also as a replacement kit, complete with lens and hardware (PN 10186311)
• Easy to install—uses the same holes as non-compliant Bourke or shell dimples*