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Mobile DOT Certified Hydrotesting Service

Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations require compressed air/gas cylinders be periodically tested and inspected internally and externally by a DOT certified testing agency.

Hydrotesting is offered by Fire and Safety Equipment Company, as a friendly, mobile service for each customer that ensures reliability of pressure vessels and instills confidence that the appropriate DOT standards are strictly enforced. The benefit of Mobile Hydrotesting is minimizing the amount of time that your SCBA’s are out of service.


Hydrotesting at a stationary facility can be time consuming where equipment has to be taken out of service, gathered, then brought to the facility. Our mobile service allows for an ease to your logistical nightmare. We come to you, preform the testing, and get your equipment back in service as quick as possible!


Hydrotesting is an industry standard method of re-qualifying (certifying) pressure vessels (compressed & packaged gas cylinders) to determine whether they are safe for continued use. The process involves in-depth visual examinations of both the interior and exterior of the cylinder, along with a water pressure test of the cylinder. Hydrostesting, or cylinder requalification, is required by the DOT (Department of Transportation) for all types of cylinders inclusive of SCBA, SCUBA, Fire Extinguishers, paintball cylinders, oxygen cylinders and a variety of cylinder types used for industrial gases.

Cylinders Testing Steps

Cylinders are tested using the water jacket method of testing cylinders that contain compressed air or gas. This method of testing cylinders essentially consists of enclosing the cylinder (filled with water), suspended in a jacket vessel and pressurizing the cylinder to a specific test pressure. This measures pressure loss (leaks) or any permanent deformation (strength) of the cylinder.

Once the cylinder passes inspection it is stamped and labeled indicating the month and year tested. But if it fails the inspection it is required to be disposed of and will not be returned to service.

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