Virginia Driver Improvement Course

Driver Improvement Course

We offer a state certified Virginia driver improvement course that will give you points on your driving record.  The classes are broken into sections so you can take it at your convenience, either in a day, over several days or even over several week instead of traditional 8 hours in a classroom.

When you have completed the online portion call (434) 993-2425 to schedule a final test at our office.

This online driver improvement courses offers drivers of all ages an easy, effortless, convenient way to dismiss your traffic ticket, reduce points from your driving record, or even earn hefty discounts on your monthly insurance rates.

Cost: $70

Follow this link to take driver improvement course online.


The Importance of Driving Improvement Course

It’s undeniable that getting a traffic ticket is a stressful experience, and finding solutions to deal with that traffic violation can be equally difficult. Taking a driver improvement course is usually a huge hassle, as you’ll be forced to drive to a stodgy classroom and spend an entire afternoon (or even weekend) listening to a boring, uninspired lecture about driver improvement. The hassle can almost invalidate the value of getting your ticket dismissed or points removed from your driving record.

Although, there is an alternative to an in-class driver improvement course. Our online driver improvement courses offers the maximum drivers education with minimal hassle, so you get your ticket dismissed as soon as possible and get back on the road again.

  • Fully online for an unrivaled driver improvement program
  • Set your own schedule and pace to maximize learning
  • Simple, easy, and effortless to pass

Read Before Taking the Course

The Virginia DMV has reviewed and approved this On-Line Clinic; however, your court may or may not accept the certificate of completion. It is your responsibility to determine if your court accepts on-line traffic schools.

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