Fire Brigades Training

Ensure the safety of your workplace

Any company that has formed a fire brigade must provide the appropriate training and equipment to accomplish this task.  Ensure the safety of your workplace and the training of your fire brigade with our training tools.

We will review or help you write your policy and provide instruction on how to fight a fire properly and safely.  Whether you’re conducting gas detection/ HAZMAT training, extinguisher training or advanced fire suppression training Fire & Safety Company has the tools to help you reach your training objectives. Call today 434-993-2425  OR fill out the form below for more information. 

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Training Setup

The employer shall provide training and education for all fire brigade members commensurate with their duties and functions that fire brigade members are expected to perform. Such training and education shall be provided to fire brigade members before they perform fire brigade emergency activities. Fire brigade leaders and training instructors shall be provided with training and education which is more comprehensive than that provided to the general membership of the fire brigade.

The employer shall assure that employees who are expected to do interior structural fire fighting are physically capable of performing duties which may be assigned to them during emergencies. The employer shall not permit employees with known heart disease, epilepsy, or emphysema, to participate in fire brigade emergency activities unless a physician’s certificate of the employees’ fitness to participate in such activities is provided.