A Changing World

Firefighting is different now, thanks to increased heat load, duration, and toxicity of structural fires resulting from modern construction materials1. These factors, combined with evolving technology in firefighter protection, require a new approach to safety equipment.

Since the inception of the NFPA, the primary function of SCBA has been air delivery, with only minor changes geared towards SCBA performance improvement — despite how technology has evolved so quickly for daily life in areas such as software and communication.

These technological advancements have opened wide the possibilities for transforming firefighting safety.

Revolutionary Safety Explained

In response to these technological advancements, the NFPA has mandated the addition of certain electronic components. These components have been added onto the mechanical apparatus, increasing the complexity and cost of maintaining SCBA, and further widening the gap between NFPA standards and available technologies.

Missed opportunities for safety improvements are rooted in the idea that the gear must be comprised of separate, mechanical components. The truth is, the SCBA is not only about air delivery.


Thanks to modern, synthetic construction materials that burn hotter and faster, firefighters have less time to do their life-saving job1. That means when teams arrive at a structural fire, it’s absolutely critical to share information quickly and accurately from minute one.


Wide field of View


Rechargeable battery powers all electronics on SCBA from one central location.


G1 iTIC Integrated Thermal Imaging Camera—Now everyone can see!

Keep All Your Senses Clear,
Even in the Most Dangerous Environments

Real safety is not only about air supply; it’s about being able to see, hear, and react to an incredibly risky and quickly changing situation. The G1 SCBA’s noise-cancelling voice, integrated TIC, and advanced air management features will radically improve situational awareness to help your team make faster, better decisions.


No electronics on the facepiece means less weight on your head.


Noise-canceling voice communication system means you will be heard loud and clear.


Adjustable sizing and lumbar support. Lumbar pad rotates to allow for increased mobility and comfort.

Customize an SCBA to Protect Each Firefighter Against Physical Stress

You need to keep your team physically safe immediately and long term. With no electronic parts on the face piece, a more comfortable, secure fit, and adjustable sizing and lumbar support, your team will be more comfortable, more effective, and will be protected from physical wear and tear.


The G1 SCBA prepares you for the future on the same piece of equipment you buy now. Its integrated
technology platform allows electronic capabilities to be added seamlessly to the pack—without having to tack on expensive hardware. A central, rechargeable battery cuts down the need to buy, replace, and monitor alkaline batteries. But most importantly, the entire system is covered by the most complete 15-year warranty in the industry so you can plan and stick to more predictable budgets.

Physical Protection

Every firefighter bears the weight of a breathing apparatus, knowing the SCBA is critical to keeping them safe. Changing industry factors such as dropping staff levels and longer SCBA wear-times mean fewer firefighters on site, working longer and harder, carrying SCBAs for extended periods of time. What if there was an SCBA that can be customized to help protect you against physical stressors?

The MSA G1 SCBA was created with intelligent ergonomics. It not only makes firefighters more effective, it also makes them more comfortable while helping to protect them from physical wear and tear.

  • Reduce weight on the head and neck: With no electronic components on the facepiece, the G1 SCBA facepiece is 34% lighter than other face pieces1
  • Experience balance and agility: Thanks to adjustable sizing and lumbar support, the MSA G1 SCBA provides a comfortable fit regardless of size or stature.

Situational Awareness

Thanks to modern, synthetic construction materials that burn hotter and faster, firefighters have less time to do their life-saving job1. That means when teams arrive at a structural fire, it’s absolutely critical to share information quickly and accurately from minute one.


  • Listen to voices instead of alarms: The system integrates an electronic voice amplifier that cancels out interference caused by background noise.
  • Hear more precisely: The amplifier is located on the SCBA instead of the facepiece for clearer communication.
  • No separate on-off switch: The amplifier is connected to a single, central battery located on the unit.
  • Expand communication range: The amplifier links wirelessly through Bluetooth to Motorola APX radios with no added cost.


  • Always with the firefighter: The thermal imaging camera is integrated directly into the SCBA.
  • Less expensive: A fully integrated camera means limited extra expense.
  • No more dead batteries: The camera connects to a centralized battery that operates the entire SCBA.
  • Single-unit operation: The entire SCBA operates as a unit with fewer wires to get snagged or stuck, and no extra power buttons to remember.


  • Easy to use: Exact air-time-remaining is displayed on each personal device.
  • Clear team communication: Remaining air data is transmitted directly to incident command.
  • Quickly identify an issue: Buddy lights can be seen around each team member to show firefighter stance (standing, on the ground, facing forward), while color-coded indictors show how air is tracking.

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